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Commercial Roofers in Amarillo

As the owner or manager of a commercial property, you know that a commercial roof requires more care and service than a typical residential one. From the variety of roofing materials to the added traffic and durability needed to support HVAC and other equipment, a commercial roof does more than just keep the rain and snow out of your building. And that is why property managers across West Texas rely on Dennis Heggie Roofing as their go-to Amarillo commercial roofing contractor.

As a full-service roofing company that has been family-owned and operated for 60 years in the Amarillo community, these experts consistently exceed customer expectations for quality work and reasonable pricing. Focusing on attention to detail, meeting clients’ needs, and exceptional communication and customer service has made this the premier commercial roofing company in Amarillo. Call (806) 622-2632 to request a free price quote for any commercial roofing services in the West Texas area.

Our Complete Roofing Service

As a full-service Amarillo commercial roofing contractor, our team members have years of experience and expertise working on all types of roofing surfaces, from traditional asphalt shingles to metal and TPO surfaces. So when you are managing more than one property, you never need to worry about whom to call for expert commercial roofing service. Dennis Heggie Roofing can handle all your different locations and roof types while offering the same great pricing and exceptional level of experience.

Understanding TPO

TPO is the roof surface that is rarely found in a residential application. But it is prevalent on commercial properties because it offers significant benefits in larger applications. Thermoplastic Polyolefin is made in 10, 12, and 20 foot wide sheets that can be easily transported and installed on larger flat commercial roofs. In addition, the material increases the safety of the property with its fire-resistant properties. And while most properties use the bright white surface to reflect UV rays and aid in cooling, there are options to use a dark version to absorb the UV rays and help keep the property warmer.
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Commercial Roof Storm Damage Repair

When your commercial roof sustains damage from a storm, it will require some documentation for your insurance company. At Dennis Heggie Roofing, our staff has decades of experience working with insurance claims and can assist you in expediting the information and documentation needed to get your roof damage documented, approved, and repaired as quickly as possible. And we are here 24/7, so when you call (806) 622-2632, you know that we will respond quickly to assess any damage or issues and provide a temporary solution to cover the leak or damage until your roof can be professionally repaired.

Commercial Roof Replacement

As business owners, we understand that commercial properties function differently than homes. We know that you need to have access to the property, even when a new roof installation is in progress. Therefore, we work with each commercial client to create a work schedule that will generate the least amount of disruption possible in the use and function of their commercial property. Your needs are the priority, from working on the weekends to carefully scheduling where our workers and materials will be located or staged to limit our impact on your business.

Commercial roofing is far more complex and involved than a typical residential roof. And at Dennis Heggie Roofing, our team has decades of experience working on larger structures and more intricate roofs such as those on your commercial property. In addition, we carry the added insurance and bonds needed to meet your commercial insurance requirements. So when you call (806) 622-2632, you know that our commercial roofing specialists will satisfy your need for the highest-quality roofing services.

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