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Storm Damage
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Amarillo Storm Damage

Mother Nature can be pretty brutal, especially in the Amarillo area. We see a lot of hail storm roof damage in Amarillo and the surrounding communities. But there is also the potential for damage from high wind, heavy rain, and debris that can damage your roof, create leaks, and require emergency storm damage repair in Amarillo. So it is crucial for homeowners to know that the Dennis Heggie Roofing and Repair team is ready to provide any roofing services you need 24/7 to help with Amarillo storm damage restoration, repairs, or roof replacements. Just call (806) 622-2632 for a roof inspection and free estimate for any necessary roof repairs for the pros you can trust for quality work at a reasonable price.

Hail Storm Damage In Amarillo

As one of the most experienced storm damage roofing contractors in Amarillo, our crews work on a massive number of roofs with hail damage each year. The community knows that the Dennis Heggie Roofing team has the expertise to locate any hail damage that could result in a costly leak in your home’s roof. On average, most roofs require some hail damage repair about every five years. So it is good to know that you can count on our experts for professional hail damage repairs using only the highest-quality roofing materials. Call us at (806) 622-2632 to assess any hail damage and provide a free price estimate for any necessary repairs.

Repair Or Replace That Storm Damaged Roof?

As a homeowner, we know that you are always hoping for a more affordable Amarillo storm damage repair rather than a recommendation to replace the entire roof. It comes down to a simple math problem in some cases. However, at Dennis Heggie Roofing, we always want to make you aware of the added benefits of a replacement roof when yours is reaching the end of its life expectancy and reliability. So please do not think we are simply trying to upsell you after your roof has sustained storm damage. We are happy to provide a quality repair if that works best for your budget. But we believe in providing all the information on repair and replacement costs to help you make a well-informed decision that will deliver long-term benefits and financial rewards.

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Winter Weather And Your Amarillo Roof

Snow and ice present several challenges for your roof, from added weight to ice damming. So it is vital to know that any roof damage is professionally evaluated and repaired quickly. Even a missing piece of flashing or trim can allow snow and ice to build up and create costly damage when it melts and leaks into your home. The Dennis Heggie Roofing team is here 24/7 to check out any roof damage or potential damage and provide cost-effective solutions to protect your home.

Amarillo Sees It All

Living in Amarillo, you quickly discover that nature can dish out some harsh conditions, including high-wind and tornados. Most roofing material is designed to withstand up to 70 mile per hour wind from a storm or tornado. However, as the roofing material ages, especially asphalt shingles, that durability will decrease. So when a tornado or high wind blows through the area, you can count on Dennis Heggie Roofing for a fast response to assist with your roof damage or an inspection to locate any suspected damage.

Call (806) 622-2632 24/7 and know that our team is ready to help community members protect their loved ones, home, and belongings with fast and affordable storm damage repair in Amarillo. Or, in the case of extensive damage, we offer the most competitive pricing on Amarillo roof replacements backed by a 2-year labor warranty and manufacturer’s material warranty.

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