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5 Reasons to Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection

Your Amarillo, TX home’s roof is a critical part of the structure. It protects the walls and foundation from water damage, helps ensure indoor comfort and keeps out the extreme weather. Roof damage is difficult for the untrained eye to detect. Keep in mind these five reasons to schedule a professional roof inspection today.

1. Understand the Roof’s Condition

Just glancing at your roof or using a pair of binoculars won’t give you the full picture of its condition. The untrained eye may not be able to spot all of the potential issues that a professional roofer can detect during a thorough inspection. Our roofers have the experience and skills to find small faults that can lead to major issues in the short-term or long-term future.

2. Prepare for Future Repairs or Replacement

If you’re considering the purchase of an existing home, it’s a wise decision to have the roof inspected before you proceed with the purchase. A professional roof inspection could detect issues that would necessitate a costly roof repair or roof replacement. With that information, you might ask the seller to repair or replace it, to discount the price of the home or to credit you with the amount of the necessary work. You might also choose to walk away from the deal if the home has extensive roof damage.

3. Avoid an Unexpected Roof Leak

Nobody wants to wake up or return home to a roof leak. A professional roof inspection alerts you to issues that could create a leak, such as loose or missing flashing, shingles or tiles. Roof leaks can happen during the cold winter months in January and February when Amarillo gets a little bit of snow. Popped roofing nails, cracked shingles or tiles and rotted fascia or soffits are just a few of the signs that indicate a roof leak is imminent.

4. Protect Your Investment

A leaky or damaged roof puts your home at risk. For most Amarillo residents, their home is the biggest investment and expense. Leaks could result in serious structural damage, a mold infestation and other problems that are costly to fix. Scheduling an annual professional roof inspection gives you peace of mind and helps you protect your investment.

5. Prevent Unnecessary Damage

Climbing a ladder and walking around your roof as a DIY task could result in damage. You might wear inappropriate footwear, knock off a piece of flashing or cause some other issue. Experienced roofers safely and effectively conduct a roof inspection without causing any incidental damage.

Don’t be surprised by a sudden roof leak or another roofing issue. With a professional inspection, you’ll have the information necessary to make an informed decision about protecting your home and investment. For more information about roof inspections or to schedule an appointment with our roofers, contact us at Dennis Heggie Roofing today.

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